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#VSMPO-AVISMA celebrates anniversary of the first titanium ingot production

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February 20 2017

Sixty years ago the first titanium ingot was melted which marked starting of titanium industry in Russia. Today the four-kilogram titanium “firstborn” 100 millimeters in diameter is kept in the company’s museum. The ingot is proudly demonstrated to all visitors of the company - from presidents to schoolchildren.

“Under VSMPO trademark we produce tens of thousands tons of titanium products per year most of which are machined forgings. Our Salda titanium is continuously improving its properties and expands applications: flies to space, works in the entrails of the earth, descends in deeper ocean, used in construction, actuates the turbines, drives, cures… We, current generation of factory employees, with all respect and gratitude say thanks to the creators of the first ingot. We are proud of the history, keep up the traditions, appreciate out factory, work much and, therefore, believe in the good future of the Corporation, ourselves, and our children”, congratulated Mikhail Voevodin, VSMPO-AVISMA CEO.

Successful melting of ingot back in 1957 was performed by Yury Prilutskikh, Petr Pavlov, Yury Kuntsev, Alexander Shchetnikov, Alexander Andreev and Vladislav Tetyukhin. The first photo of ingot was made only one year later as classification “top secret” did not allow any photos or videos.  


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