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#VSMPO-AVISMA aims at world efficiency standards

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March 09 2017

At VSMPO some performance indicators were improved in each of the major shops in 2016. Efficiency of areas was increased, downtime was reduced, quality of forgings produced with 75 000 ton press was improved. As was said by the company’s press office, this process is a part of Corporation’s strategy.

“The first phase covers analysis of opportunities and determination of pain point. Then the problem solving tool is selected and implemented. Currently approximately 70 projects are in progress. 10 are assumed as completed. Calculations with cumulative effect of several million rubles are awaiting confirmation”, sad Alexander Levin, Operational Efficiency Director of VSMPO-AVISMA.

In the sphere of Lean production we continue cooperation with international company KAIZEN Institute and KAMAZ. KAIZEN practitioner degree is obtained by 12 Corporation’s specialists.

Training and workshops were performed; managers of 30 shops developed particular improvement plans for their divisions.

In future it is planned to test and implement Pull production system which ensures production of that what is needed by the customer (end users and other company’s shops), and in the volumes required. VSMPO employees will be trained in production flow, quality and administrative process control.

“We will apply best efforts so that 2017 would become a bright start of a superb Corporation’s path to the world-best efficiency”, emphasized Alexander Levin.



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