Our Partners

More than 300 companies in 48 countries are the partners of VSMPO-AVISMA worldwide. Nowadays the corporation provides up to 35% of all the need in titanium for Boeing company, 65% of EADS, 90% of Goodrich, 100% of Embraer. In fact, practically all titanium consuming aircraft manufacturers apply VSMPO's titanium.

VSMPO-AVISMA corporation delivers rolled bars of titanium alloys for manufacture of blades as well as ingots and billets for disk manufacture to the aircraft manufacturers like Snecma, Rolls Royce, GEAE, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, Snecma and Rolls Royce delivery of die-forged stock for disks and rolled rings.

VSMPO-AVISMA realises the research programs with the foreign customers on development of the new titanium and aluminu alloys, new types of the metallurgical semis for aerospace and other industries.

As of 01.01.2014 the company has 290 international certificates for Qulaity system, various products, production practices, inspection and tests.