Manufacture of Seamless tubes

The tube-making facility includes a 3150 ton horizontal press, a 660 ton vertical press, a helical rolling mill PVP 40-80 consisting of three-high piercing and rolling stands, pilger seamless-tube mills KhPT 90, KhPT 55, KhPT 32, cold-rolling mils KhPTR 30-60, KhPTR 15-30, KhPTR 8-15, and 10 ton drawbench mill.

This equipment is capable of produce:

- Hot-rolled tubular billet with an outside diameter range from 2.755" to 3.937" and wall thickness from 0.354" - 0.866"

- Extruded tubular billet with an outside diameter range from 3.26" to 6.26" and wall thickness from 0.354" to 1". Hot-rolled and extruded tubular billets are used to manufacture general-purpose tubes.

- Cold-rolled tubular billet from extruded tubes (TREX) with an outside diameter range from 1.0" to 2.374" and wall thickness from 0.078" to 0.337". Cold-rolled tubular billet from CP titanium and Ti-3Al-2.5V is used to manufacture hydraulic tubing for aerospace application.

- Seamless tube with an outside diameter range from 0.236" to 3.5", wall thickness from 0.027" to 0.034" and length up to 19.68 feet.

Tubular billets used to produce hydraulic system tubes are delivered per AMS 4942, AMS 4943, AMS 4944, AMS 4945, MBBN6003, AIMS 03-5-000.

Tubes are produced in compliance with the requirements of the international standards ASTM B 861, ASTM B 338, DIN 17861, VdTUV-230 and the Russian standards.

Finished tubes are subject to external surface visual inspection, periscope inner surface inspection, hydraulic, ultrasonic testing (with longitudinal and transverse notches) on both the internal and external surfaces.


Manufacture of Seamless tubes