Manufacture of Rolled bars

VSMPO production capabilities and developed processes based on combination of radial-screw and longitudinal rolling techniques allow to produce rolled bars from CP titanium and titanium alloys per Russian and foreign specifications.

Rolled bar diameters are from 7 to 114,3 mm (0,275" - 4,5") with the length of:

for diameter 7 - 14 mm (0,275" - 0,55") - up to 3000 mm (9,84 ft);

for diameter 15 - 114,3 (0,59" - 4,5") - up to 6000 mm (19,68 ft).

Stock heating in the computer-controlled furnaces and rolling on "SRVP -130" and "450" rolling mills are performed within the established process parameters which allows to produce high-quality bars with uniform structure, high mechanical properties and precise geometry.

Rolled bars are subject to complete processing cycle including hot straightening on a two-roll straightening machine, machining on centerless lathes and grinders ensuring high precision and surface quality.

Ultrasonic inspection of bars are conducted with longitudinal and shear waves against the strictest requirements - AMS 2631, P3TF34, DMC 0022, RPS 707 , SIM 11, MIL STD 2154, EMS 52321.

VSMPO delivers rolled bars to aerospace, chemical and petro-chemical engineering, medicine, car-building, metallurgy and other industrial sectors.


Manufacture of Rolled bars