Flat-rolled product

VSMPO possesses the following equipment for manufacture of flat-rolled products: two-stand four-roll hot-rolling mill 2000, four-roll warm-rolling mill 1700, twenty-roll cold-rolling mills 1200 and 400, cutting equipment including water-jet cutting unit, descaling equipment including water-jet grinding units and sheet wet-polishing units.

VSMPO has wide heat-treatment capacities. Creep-annealing is performed for internal stress relief (no more than 30МPа) and ensure minimum non-flatness. Plates are subject to annealing in combination with creep-straightening which is performed either in bell-type electric furnaces under load generated by steel plates or in the vacuum creep-straightening unit. Plates are also subject to ultrasonic inspection.

Sheet are manufacture either by pack-rolling or by sheet-by-sheet rolling method. Pack-rolling is done in the special bay for assembly and welding of packs equipped with a number of grinding units.

VSMPO has mastered and received approval for sheet production process for subsequent super-plastic forming for aircraft structures. SPF sheets were certified by Airbus Gmbh, Airbus France, Boeing, EADS CASA.

Gas-saturated layer is removed from the surface of flat-rolled products by pickling.

Range of flat-rolled semi-products:

- plate: thickness of 4,76 - 160 mm; width of 500 - 1500 mm; length of 1500 - 6500 mm.
- sheet: thickness of 0,40 - 4,75 mm; width of 500 - 1524 mm; length of 1500 - 5000 mm.
- coil: thickness of 1,50 - 3,50 mm; width of 1000 - 1250 mm.
- band: thickness of 0,10 - 1,00 mm; width of 20 - 220 mm.
- strip: thickness of 0,50 - 3,50 mm; width of 40 - 600 mm.
- foil: thickness of 0,05 - 0,08 mm; width of 20 - 200 mm.

The quality of flat-rolled semi-products manufactured by VSMPO meets the requirements of Russian and international standards.

Hot-rolled plates

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Hot-rolled sheets

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Strip, Foi, Band

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