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#The American auditors approved production of Russian parts for Boeing

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December 08 2014

Specialists of the US Federal Aviation Administration held an audit at VSMPO-AVISMA in order to check how Russian titanium producer fulfils the US legislative safety requirements during production and use of aviation machinery – Boeing aircrafts. As informed by the Russian Corporation press office, the auditors appreciated VSMPO work.

This is the third visit of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) representatives – Agency of the US Department of Transportation – to the Russian company for the last ten years. Actions of the FAA specialists can be regarded as a check of Boeing interaction with VSMPO – one of its main suppliers.

«We helped Boeing to prove that VSMPO meets all the US legislative safety requirements during production and use of aviation machinery. VSMPO and Boeing teams worked together with the Federal Aviation Administration team. Dario Orue, Tirus US Quality Director (California), also took part in the audit», – said Ivan Shevchenko, Manager of VSMPO Product and Process Certification Department.

The FAA team checked the production of two parts ordered by Boeing from VSMPO. These two parts are Boeing 737 landing gear beam and Boeing 787-9 wing chord. The Federal Administration auditors witnessed the process of forgings production in Shop 21 and studied documentation for the flow down of contract requirements.

As explained by Ivan Shevchenko, manufacturing plans, drawings and their fulfillment were subject to study. It was necessary to show the document which proves performance of some or other actions. He said that they used convenient visual form of work: the auditors’ questions were written on the broadsheets which were hung almost everywhere in the meeting room. Once the questions had been addressed, they were marked up on the broadsheets with a green marker.

«The audit was successful both for VSMPO and Boeing. Shop 21 impressed the FAA representatives who were satisfied with our work», – summed up VSMPO-AVISMA representative.