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#Military-Industrial Complex companies of the Ural region increased their output by 8% in 2013, up to almost 248 billion rubles

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February 05 2014

At year end the companies - members of the Union of Military Industries of the Sverdlovsk Region increased their output by 8% compared to 2012, up to 247.8 billion rubles, as reported by the Union.
“The value of products produced by the companies and enterprises – members of the Union in 2013 reached 247.8 billion rubles <…>. The companies produce a wide range of goods of civil application that are in demand, the share of these goods in the total production volume is up to 50% (the balance is government's defense order)” – reported the Union. 
According to the information presented by the Union of Military Industries the yield per employee reached 2.25 million rubles. In 2013 the companies spent more than 21 billion rubles to upgrade their facilities, that is slightly less than in 2012. In 2014 the investments are planned to be increased by 63%, up to 34.5 billion rubles, and by 39%, up to 48 billion rubles in 2015. 
The investments into R&D reduced by 16% to 4.6 billion rubles at end of the year. In 2014 they are planned to be increased by 37%, up to 6.3 billion rubles. 
It is said that the total number of employees working for the companies of the Union decreased by 1.5% in 2013. 
The Union of Military Industries of the Sverdlovsk Region was established in 1996 as a non-profit agency. As of January 30, 2014 it includes 93 companies and enterprises, including all companies of Military-Industrial Complex. Among the largest there are UralVagonZavod Scientific Industrial Corporation, VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, Urals Optical & Mechanical Plant, Scientific and Production Association of Automatics named after academician N.A. Semikhatov. 
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