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#Staff members of VSMPO-AVISMA foreign subsidiaries took a closer look at production processes

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April 15 2014

Staff members of TiRus US trade offices of VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, including those of NF&M subsidiary, had a week’s training at VSMPO which acquainted them with the details of Titanium production.

The seminar program included visiting the main shops of the plant and meeting with chief VSMPO specialists in melting, rolling and forging fields. 

Last year VSMPO trained the team of TiRus International SA and TiRus GmbH. In view of positive experience and effect from such-like activities, this year Corporation invited the team of Tirus US. American managers got an idea of operation of the plant, whose products they sell in the foreign market. That was a very detailed studying of all stages of Titanium products yield: from making a supply contract, production start-up of the order and quality management at every conversion stage to the organization of finished products shipment.

The first lecture took place in VSMPO museum. "Thank you for telling us about history and achievements of our company. It’s very impressive!" – the visitors wrote in the museum Guest Book.

“Now we know the way Russian titanium is produced and we are impressed with the equipment level and shopfloors size! Our Corporation is a unique place!” - admired those, who came to Salda for the first time.