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#VSMPO-AVISMA resumes ferrotitanium production

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April 02 2014

Shop 20 resumed production with partial capacity utilization in March. Production of ferrotitanium was suspended at this area in September last year against the background of ferrotitanium price and market demand collapse. Evgeny Yadykov, Shop Deputy Manager, advised that it is planned to produce 300 t of ferrotitanium in March-April, and after production resumption at said workshop, its workers previously transferred to another VSMPO divisions come back to a regular place of work.


Tremendous preventive and upgrading works were performed after the workshop production suspension, including installation of continuous casting unit, upgrading of Ajax furnace with condenser assemblies replacement. In addition, new air filtration systems were mounted at crushing and packing area.


Also, new line of electroslag melting was installed in the shop, and the first raw material processing at this area is expected after final commissioning in April.


Decision on the resumption of ferrotitanium production for export market will be made in April, or the company will primarily focus on the deliveries for Russian customers. 


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