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#VSMPO-AVISMA participates in Airbus A320neo program

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January 22 2014

The Companies concluded a special contract.
For several years Ural metal-makers have been supplying forgings and panels under Airbus A320 Family programs for European aircraft makers.
As VSMPO Deputy Director General Oleg Leder clarified, in 2013 the Titanium Corporation and Airbus concern extended a number of current agreements and concluded new contracts. In particular, an agreement on VSMPO’s participation in production of advanced Airbus A320neo aircraft was achieved. The Ural metal-makers will supply Pylon forgings.
This new development differs from other A320 family models by a modified wing design and new more energy efficiency engine install. In particular, wing tips of new design. As opposed to A320, this new Airbus aircraft will increase its flying range by 950 kilometres and load capacity by 2 tons.
According to PSC VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation press-service, the Ural Company and Airbus have been cooperating for over 20 years. During МАКС-2013 Air Show the parties agreed to develop new titanium alloys together. A joint venture may be created for this purpose.