Environmental policy


The top management of VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “The Corporation”) recognizes the significance of its environmental activities to minimize the adverse impact of its production on the environment, and acknowledges the importance of its environmental activities to enhance competitiveness.

The Corporation has established conditions and is taking relevant actions to ensure environment protection through:

the efforts to carry on its business in compliance with the provisions of accepted commitments;

planning and implementation of actions ensuring mitigation, or maintenance, at an acceptable level, of the adverse impact of environmental aspects resulting from the Corporation activities on the environment;

personnel compliance with environmental requirements in their production activities;

efficient use of energy, water and natural gas;

efficient use of production wastes;

mitigation of accident risks and their environmental impact;

regular training of the Corporation personnel in ecology and enhancing their environmental awareness and competence;

open cooperation in environment protection with the concerned organizations and community;

systematic review of the Environmental Management System performance metrics at production sites of the Corporation to further elaborate it and improve its effectiveness.


Mikhail V.Voevodin
Chief Executive Officer,
VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation