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Manufacture of heat-exchange equipment 

VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation is developing machine-building production oriented to manufacture of heat-exchanging equipment for power engineering, chemical and oil industries. Equipment is made from titanium-base alloys, low- and high-alloy steels. The equipment has been successfully used at many industrial objects.

At present several positive tendencies in the development of machine-building division at VSMPO can be observed: advanced tube-welding production was organized; as starting materials are easily available, assembly periods were reduced which allows to decrease production terms and reduce equipment prices by 15-20% compared to those of our competitors. Further, the process of tube profile knurling was mastered which allows to intensify heat-exchanging process in condensing heat-exchangers.

VSMPO pays much attention to development and expansion of the normative basis. Currently the Company holds an approval from RF ROSTECHNADZOR for design and manufacture of pressure vessels; accreditation from JSC EES as a supplier of power generating equipment; Licenses from RF GAN for design and manufacture of nuclear power equipment. Thin-walled welded tubes were certified and approved for application in RF GAN condensers.

Within its certified design department the Company is authorized to design non-conventional equipment against specific customer requirements. The Company is in close cooperation with the leading research institutions and shares experience and information within the industry.

Background and experience

Titanium is used for fabrication of tubes for heat-exchange equipment of different applications, turbine condensers, inner liners in smoke stacks. It should be noted, that high capital costs are made up for by increase in service life and efficiency and decrease in maintenance and repair costs. Based on the experience, corrosion resistance of titanium alloys is higher than that of copper alloys, copper-nickel alloys and stainless steels by 10 ¸ 20 times.

Titanium is characterized by high resistance to pitting corrosion which is a great advantage for heat-exchanger tubes in particular, as it allows to use minimum wall thickness in order to ensure mechanical strength and increase heat-transfer rate in the heat-exchangers. Thus, for example, with the following metal heat-conductivity coefficients (W/m*К): brass - 99,8, stainless steel - 15, titanium - 18,6, which in percentage to brass equals 15% for stainless steel and 19% for titanium; heat-transfer rates of brass and titanium tubes equal correspondingly to 2000¸2050 and 1935¸2000, which testifies to similar thermo-technical parameters of brass and titanium apparatus. Titanium alloys were used for production of heat-exchanging and power- generating equipment since 1959.

VSMPO titanium alloy products are successfully used at different Russian electric power stations in Stavropol, Volgodonsk, Omsk, Okhinsk.

You can receive the detailed information via contact phone: +7-34345-21795 or e-mail: shashkova@vsmpo.ru

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