The first bombardments of the plant in July 1941 made it necessary to take the extraordinary decision to build the alternate plant in the Urals. In October 1941, the State Defence Committee of the USSR decreed to evacuate the plant to the town of Verkhnaya Salda.

During severe Urals' winter within a very short period the equipment was installed in the production areas of the Steel Structures Plant, and in December 1941 the plant had released its first products at the new facility. Nonferrous metallurgy Plant No. 519 was located in the same area. Its production basis consisted of the equipment brought from Kolchuginsk nonferrous metal plant and that of the two plants from Leningrad - "Red Vyborzhets" and the Plant named after Voroshilov. In this way, at discretion of the Time, not only the human destinies, but also the histories of the plants with different traditions, knowledge and experience were united to withstand the common sorrow named War. In spring 1942, the plant output reached the level of the pre-war period, and in 1943 its design capabilities were exceeded by 6 times, which allowed to completely satisfy the demand from military aviation. Besides aviation, the produced semi-finished products found wide application in the ship - and tank-building industries, in the production of ammunition and armament.

In 1945, the plant personnel was rewarded for its self-sacrificing labor during the years of the Great Patriotic War with the highest award of that time -Order of Lenin.

Эвакуация завода на Урал

Evacuation of a factory to Ural