NF&M International was founded in 1963 for the purpose of manufacturing titanium billet and bar stock for the aerospace industry. After its acquisition by VSMPO in 2003, NF&M manufacturing capabilities have been significantly expanded. Today NF&M manufactures titanium billet and bar stock for the jet engine, airframe, medical and consumer markets, as well as small diameter tight tolerance bar and wire products for aerospace, medical, and automotive applications. The company also offers conversion services for customer owned material. Rotating grade approvals from major jet engine manufacturers allow NF&M to manufacture material made to the most critically demanding applications for titanium products.  In addition to standard round products. NF&M also produces rectangular billet and block products to customer specifications. The company is known for its excellent customer service, willingness to provide what the customer needs, and its reliable quality system. 


NF&M International

1729 Pennsylvania Avenue, Monaca, PA 15061, USA

Tel : + 1 724 774 92 00
Fax: + 1 724 728 25 44
Mr. Matt Glodowski
e-mail: mglodowski@vsmpo-tirus.com

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