The history of Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association (VSMPO) dates back to July 1, 1933, when Plant No. 45 was put into operation near Moscow to become the leading supplier of aluminum and aluminum alloy mill products for the developing aircraft-building industry in the Soviet Union.

Indeed, from the very beginning the plant was kind of the testing area for mastering of the scientific theories and engineering processes in the course of industrial production. Under the direction of S.M. Voronov, Chief Metallurgist, the entirely new high-strength М - 95 alloy was developed for manufacture of the load-bearing elements for high-speed bomber АNТ - 40. In 1935, forging alloys АК 5 and АК 6 were put into production and within several months they were used for manufacture of over 50 new codes of sophisticated aircraft parts.

In 1940, the plant had increased its product yield by four times compared to 1936.

Panorama of a factory. Setun city. 1933.