Consumer applications segment is currently fastest growing segment in titanium market. While ten years ago this segment represented only 1-2% of total titanium.market, now it has grown to about 8-10% of the market. On average, growth of consumption of titanium for consumer applications was approximately double of the growth of titanium market in general.

Use of titanium in sport was the oldest and so far the largest segment of use of titanium in consumer applications. The reason why titanium is popular in sport equipment is simple - it provides superior to every other metal ratio of weight to strength. Use of titanium in bicycles was the first major application of titanium in sport equipment and goes back to approximately 25-30 years ago. Major use is tubing for the frames; material used is Ti 3Al-2.5V (ASTM Grade 9). Other parts made from titanium alloys are brakes, cassettes, seat springs.

Use of titanium alloys for manufacturing golf clubs first started in the end of 80s -very beginning of 90s by Japanese golf manufacturers. Until about 1994-1995 it was practically unknown in the USA and Europe. It changed when Callaway introduced their titanium club made by Ruger Titanium and called it Great Big Bertha. Because of clearly superior properties and with the help of smart Callaway marketing titanium clubs immediately became hugely popular. In the yery short period of time titanium clubs went from exclusive and expensive tools of small group of players to the clubs of the mainstream players (while still much more expensjve than steel clubs).

Diving knives surprisingly use rather sizable quantity of titanium sheets. Most makers use Ti 6AI-4V grade, by 6-4 is not holding edge as good as some other high strength alloys. Some makers currently are switching to grade BT23. Current retail price of titanium diving knives is US$70-80.

Titanium is very extensively being used in mountaineering and hiking for making practically anything climbers and hikers have to carry in their backpacks, like bottles, cups (retails price $20-30), cook sets (retail about $50) and utensils, material mainly C.P.Ti Grade 1 and 2. Other examples of mountaineering equipment are portable stoves, tent stakes, ice axes and ice screws, tent stakes and shackles.

Bicycle with titanium parts

Bicycle with titanium parts