On June 21, 1956, the Council of Ministers of the USSR had set the historical target for the company: to start large-scale production of ingots and semi-finished products from titanium alloys.  In February 1957 the first titanium ingot with the diameter of 100 mm and with the weight of 4 kg was melted at VSMPO.

In 1959, the press-forging facility was put into operation equipped with unique horizontal and vertical presses, among which was the most powerful forging press in the world with the capacity of 75.000 ton. The growing demand for high-quality products produced by the company called for expansion of production. Vast investments were made in reconstruction of production facilities. 

In 1966, new rolling facility was put into production for manufacture of titanium and stainless steel sheet and plate. In 1968, the new melting and casting shop was brought into production for manufacture of large-size titanium ingots for application in the atomic submarines of the latest generation. Great work was performed on development, improvement and launching into production of the new titanium alloys for specific aerospace and shipbuilding projects. Essentially, the plant has become not only the large production facility, but also one of the leading research and development centers in the field of titanium production.

On January 18, 1971, the plant personnel were awarded with the Order of Red Banner for mastering of the new technologies. 

In 1976, the largest titanium ingot in the world with the weight of 15 ton was melted at the plant.

But it wouldn’t be fair to ascribe all the success and achievements of the company staff only to titanium. Long-length aluminum panel and section, large-size aluminum alloy die forging, die forgings from steel and nickel-alloys – this is the incomplete list of “non-titanium” VSMPO products. Mill products manufactured at VSMPO were used in such projects as space complex “Soyuz  – Apollo”, space shuttle “Buran”, launch vehicle “Energy”, huge transport airplanes АN-124 (“Ruslan”), АN-225 (“Mria”) – almost in every aerospace project of the former USSR as well as in shipbuilding, power engineering, chemical, pulp-and-paper and other industries.

In 1983, for important contribution to development of the domestic aviation metallurgy VSMPO was awarded with the Order of October Revolution.

By the end of the 80s, VSMPO has become not only the significant domestic producer, but the world’s largest supplier of semi-finished titanium products. The amount of titanium ingots melted at VSMPO was 1.5 times more than that produced in the rest of the world!

Near 15 ton titanium ingot. February, 1976.

Near 15 ton titanium ingot. February, 1976.