In the World market

In 1992, in the course of the all-round conversion process, Vladislav V. Tetyukhin was elected the Director General of VSMPO. He has developed the bold strategy for the company integration into the global economy to ensure maintaining of the unique production under conditions of extreme instability of the domestic business system. We could rely only on our own strength: take credits, make investments into development and reconstruction of production in accordance with market requirements.

In August 1993, the Quality Assurance System (QAS), introduced at VSMPO, was certified by the German company TUV-CERT. At the same time, certification work was carried out with other European and American aircraft and engine building companies: Boeing, Airbus, General Electric, SNECMA, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney and others. As of January 1, 2003, VSMPO held 185 certificates for all the main production lines. 

A significant factor enabling the company to maintain its position at the world market is the close partnership with JSC AVISMA (Berezniki, Perm region) – the world’s largest sponge titanium producer. The established in 1998 VSMPO-AVISMA production-engineering corporation allows to pursue the joint engineering and marketing policy.

Up to 70 % of VSMPO titanium products is exported. All in all, the company delivers products to 1500 Russian customers and 260 foreign companies from 39 countries. At the global titanium market VSMPO has built up the reputation of the efficient supplier of the high-quality products. At present, in terms of volumes, VSMPO is number one titanium supplier for Airbus Industries and number two - for Boeing.

In 1997-2001, VSMPO’s export was comparable to that of all the US and Japanese companies. In 2002, the US companies exported 9000 ton of titanium products, Japanese companies - 7200 ton, while VSMPO - 10538 ton. It will only be fair to say that “Boeing runway starts in Verkhnaya Salda”.

Along with titanium semi-finished products, VSMPO is expanding production of products from aluminum alloys, die forgings from heat-resistant nickel alloys and high-strength steel. We still can manufacture products that can be reasonably called unique. Where else in the world is it possible to make a truck beam forging for А380 landing gear with the weight of 3.5 ton!

VSMPO and Boeing extended the agreement for supply of titanium products to USA, 2002

VSMPO and Boeing extended the agreement for supply of titanium products to USA, 2002