Large size Die-forgings


Delivery conditions


AMS 4928, BMS 7-247, BMS 7-269, BS2TA12, BS2TA13, IGC04.40.121


BMS 7-260, AMS 4984


AMS 4978

Ti - alloys

OST 1 90000

VST 5553

BMS 7-360, MTL 3103

Forgings are available with the projection area from 6.1 up to 2135.84 sq. inch and with the weight of up to 5 tons. The range of forgings includes a variety of geometries typical of complex configuration components. All forgings are subjected to ultrasonic inspection at the stage of machined mult, while disc forgings are additionally sonic inspected at the stage of a pancake and rough machining. Forgings are also subjected to geometry inspection, mechanical properties testing at room and elevated temperatures, and metal structure evalution.

Large-size die forgings

Large-size die forgings