Extruded Panels

- ribbed panels (with rectangular, T-shaped and Г-shaped stingers) with the uniform cross section along the length, 400 to 1270 mm wide from alloy series 2ХХХ, 5ХХХ, 6ХХХ, 7ХХХ;
- heavy ended panels 500 to 900 mm wide from alloy series 2ХХХ, 7ХХХ;
- panels for welded cases of aircraft engines from foreign alloy 2219 (similar to domestic alloy) up to 1100 mm wide;
- hollow panels up to 790 mm wide from alloy series 6ХХХ, 7ХХХ.

Maximum item length after heat-treatment is up to 13.5 m, without heat-treatment - up to 30 m.

Extruded panels are delivered according to both the Russian - OST 1 90177, OST 1 92040, ТU 1-2-83-38, ТU 1-5-131, ТU 1-83-58, and foreign - ASM, ASTM, DIN, EN, QQ-A-200 specifications.

Панель авиационного назначения с законцовкой

Panels of aviation purpose with tip