Round continius

Diameter from 110 up to 1180 mm 
Lenght from 2500 up to 5200 mm

Round hollow

Outside diameter from 272 up to 845 mm
Inside diameter from 98 up to 200 mm 
Lenght from 2500 up to 5200 mm


Thickness from 220 up to 535 mm
Width from 810 up to 1430 mm 
Length from 2500 up to 5200 mm

VSMPO produces more than 50 grades of aluminum wrought alloys to domestic standards and more than 20 alloy grades to international standards. Melt is subject to mixer evacuation and filtration through foam-ceramic filters with glass mesh to ensure extra metal purity, reduce hydrogen content, and exclude metallic inclusions. To obtain a high quality of "as-cast" surface, casting is done in block systems with thermal filling ("hot top"). Ingots are produced by semiconscious casting into open-bottom molds.

Commodity ingots

Commodity ingots